Dumpster Rental FAQ

Josefino Dumpster Rental is here to handle all your waste removal needs, as well as provide you with clear answers to your questions about dumpster services. Please check the information below and see if we can cover the aspects that you are curious about.

Who is Josefino Dumpster Rental?

Josefino Dumpster Rental provides dumpster rental services to customers in San Jose, California and in the surroundign region. We accommodate homeowners, contractors, realtors, business owners, and business establishments, offering dependable and straightforward service for their ongoing projects.  We are committed to bringing a fantastic dumpster rental service to each of our customers in San Jose and the neighboring cities.

What is Josefino Dumpster Rental Best Used For?

Here are primary uses for roll off dumpsters in San Jose, California:


  • Renovating a kitchen or any part of your home
  • Garage cleanout
  • Removing a deck
  • Gutting rooms
  • Tearing down walls


  • Building a home
  • Demolishing a home or a building
  • Landscaping or yard projects
  • Roof removal and repair
  • Home siding replacement


  • Cleaning out abandoned homes
  • Home upgrades
  • Home improvements
  • Landscaping upgrades


  • Garbage disposal
  • Office clean-outs
  • Building remodeling

How much does it cost me to rent a dumpster?

The charges for our dumpster rentals differ depending on the type of service you pick, your place and other considerations including:

  • Size
  • Debris type
  • Weight of debris
  • Location
  • Length of rental period

It is best for you to give us a call at 209-841-5118 so we can let you know the exact rates in your area.

What types of hazardous waste should we not dispose of the dumpster?

It is essential for you to note these items if you consider renting any of our dumpsters.

Josefino Dumpster Rental does not collect these kinds of wastes as we consider them as hazardous wastes and they fall under specific regulations. This includes the following items.

  • Automotive fluids or motor oil
  • Paint Cans
  • Batteries

Also this includes anything with gas, oil, medical waste, or medications.

  • Household cleaners
  • Bleach pool chemicals
  • Lawn fertilizers
  • Flammable products

We also don’t allow medication, bio-hazardous waste materials, lead, explosives, live ammunition, or weapons thrown in our dumpsters.

Can I mix numerous types of waste?

Yes, you can do that. We allow a mixture of household materials and construction debris. What we don’t suggest mixing are concrete and solid dirt as we have additional charges for these items.

When can I expect delivery of the dumpster?

Our delivery typically goes one to three business days after we obtain your signed agreement. However, as much as possible we deliver after one day, especially during unbusy seasons.

Do I need to be there during delivery and pickup?

No, your presence is no longer necessary during delivery or pickup. We are going to take down your placement guidelines when you order and command the driver to drop it off in your area.

How long are common rental periods?

Our dumpster rental typically ranges from 10 – 14 days. We allow extended rentals based on your location, demand, and availability for a low daily rate. Also, if you need to have the dumpster in your place for a more extended period than what you initially specify, we are going to have to apply an additional daily fee for dumpster extension.

What if the dumpster damages my property?

To avoid unnecessary situations where the dumpster ruins your driveway or your property, we suggest for you to take the essential precautions. You must evaluate your property correctly to provide a right path for the dumpster. Putting sheets of plywood on the driveway right before the delivery of the dumpster is necessary. Furthermore, Josefino Dumpster Rental is not liable for any damages to electrical wires, or overhanging leaves and trees.