Waste from Landscaping Projects

When we hear the term landscaping, the first thing that comes to our mind is it’s something fun and exciting! Many homeowners do regular landscaping projects for their yards. This kind of task does not require much money, superior DIY skills, or much time to put up great upgrades of your lawn.

Don’t be one of those folks who spend thousands of dollars to improve yards. The thing that you need is your creative skills. You can always remodel as you like. However, after your landscaping project, there comes the daunting task – the cleaning phase.

As soon as you finish your landscaping project, you then need to clean up all your mess. Renting a dumpster could be a wise choice. Although it’s possible for you to throw your junks on your own, the work could be stressful. Why not mind to spend a small amount of money for a dumpster rental. It is going to make your work a lot easier without getting headaches. We know your time is precious, hence get a dumpster to pick up the loads.

Landscape architects are promoters of decreasing landscaping projects’ waste for several years, and it is excellent that nowadays, many people already know the benefits of reusing and recycling.

Throwing our garbage properly makes a considerable and positive difference, not only by reducing environmental impact however also by making the most of resources.


Landscaping projects and yard works need a vigorous demand for energy as well as skill, patience, and tools. You need great preparation for whatever type of job you plan or what particular size of a project is going on. The yard may consist of different things, and it could range from simple a cleaning task up to tree excavation. Whenever your project may produce a high amount of debris and yard clutter, renting a dumpster is going to make your life much more comfortable.


For those projects that are going to be a bit labor demanding and need a lot of debris removal, you may consider renting a dumpster. Just so you know, dumpsters come in different sizes usually 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard sizes. Dumpsters are very convenient for cleanup projects especially works that include grass clippings, stump, shrub and tree removal.


Picking the proper size may require awareness and an idea about what needs to get done because there is no reason to spend more money than should be. A 10-yard dumpster is approximately the smallest size of all dumpsters and is the standard choice for homeowners.

Make sure to select the right yard waste dumpster for your landscaping project.

What Can You Throw in a Yard Waste Dumpster?

Waste dumpsters can accommodate all common forms of yard debris that may crop up throughout yard maintenance. Dumpsters are also developed to remove landscape debris which may include the following:

  • Shrubs: Whole or chipped
  • Grass Leaves: Bagged or lose
  • Small Branches: Whole, trimmed or chipped
  • Small Logs: Always ask the dumpster rental company the diameter of logs they allow.
  • Stumps: Accepted depending on the area.
  • Dirt: Only uncontaminated dirt is accepted.

Yard Work Security Tips for Lawn Debris Removal

Cleaning up your yard can be tough. Remember all these tips to avoid injuries and accidents with your yard work:

  • Make sure to wear the correct apparel which includes long sleeves and pants, plus sturdy shoes.
  • Secure a protective eyewear and hearing guard when utilizing power equipment.
  • Ensure proper hydration especially during warm weather.
  • Avoid persistent interactions with substances and fertilizers.
  • Call your utility company for any concerns.

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